Benefits to the Members

1.  Social Networking Opportunities with other insurance professionals across the region good for business      development.
2.  To uphold the truth, knowledge, fidelity of their profession, and to serve their fellow members.
3.  To become a part of history in the making.
4.  Help and assistance for members in distress (ie. Employment assistance, Placement, Conflict Resolution)
5.  The opportunity to take part in training seminars and workshops organized by the Society.
6.  Invitation to the Annual MENA Insurance Society Gala Ball.
7.  To contribute to the long term development of the industry, and influence its direction.
8.  To bring together professionals of like minds to enforce a code of ethics in insurance practice across the      MENA region.
9.  To hold accountable those who would perform acts of injustice, or damage the reputation of the regional      market.
10. To take advantage of any third party supplier arrangements made by the society.