Charter and Code of Professional Conduct

I, the member of the MENA Insurance Society on my date of joining hereby solemnly declare:

1.  I will practice my insurance profession with honesty, dignity, and care.
2.  I will serve my customer and fellow market peers with loyalty, kinship, and dedication.
3.  I will help any fellow member of the society in their hour of professional need so long as it does      not prejudice my duties to my employer.
4.  I will attend and participate in the functions of the society to the best of my ability.
5.  I promise to exercise my right to elect four non permanent members every year at the society's      general assembly.
6.  I will report to the board any members which violate any rules of the charter or violate outmost      good faith.
7.  If I am in a position of leadership, I will be an equal opportunities employer.
8.  I will adhere to the mission of the society which is to further the cause and growth of the MENA      Insurance market.
9.  I agree to subject myself to the decisions of the board, including treaties signed with other      organizations and insurance establishments, blacklisting of any insurers and/or members of the      market, and to respect and honor those decisions.
10.  I agree to automatically enroll in any crosselling, crossmarketing, and data sharing with any      third parties the society enters into agreement for the progressing and betterment of the      society.

The Status of the Society

Although setup as a commercial entity, all membership fees contributed shall be used and accounted for the by the board towards the general expenses of the Society including towards functions, and other activities.

Personal Data

By enrolling as a member, I have agreed to allow third parties affiliated with the society to contact me to offer products or services by phone, fax, or email.

The Board and the Authority of the Permanent Members

The board shall be comprised of 4 permanent members, and 3 elected members. The board will be responsible for managing the day to day activities of the society including the

organization of functions, and the driver of cross border insurance trade activity. The permanent members of the board shall carry the right of veto. Otherwise, a simple majority will decide on any matter.


I hereby declare having read and irrevocably approve the above so long as I am a member of the society.